Twitter Fans Debate Sexy Beyoncé Or Super-Sexy Beyoncé?

Beyonce is turning up the heat in her "Partition" video, whether fans like it or not.
By Bryce Christian
  • Beyoncé – Partition (Explicit Video)

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  • Twitter Fans Debate Sexy Beyoncé Or Super-Sexy Beyoncé?

    Things in Beyoncé fandom are getting steamy — and heated.

    Queen Bey is upping the sex card in her “Partition” video, which dropped yesterday on YouTube and has already amassed four million views. If “Drunk In Love” was “drunk” Bey, this is blacked-out Bey.

    Playing the part of European royalty (maybe a Will and Kate fantasy?) with hubby Jay Z, Yoncé is letting it all hang out–well, as much as you can without it being labelled porn. But the video did receive an “explicit” stamp due to its racy content — jellyfish headpiece and all.

    Beyoncé fans are beginning to question Queen Bey’s increasingly provocative persona. While the singer has always brought the heat, some feel it’s going a bit too far. Many viewers feel that she is selling herself out to compete with the debauchery of peers Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, who have been allergic to clothing for quite some time now.