Jurassic 5 Releases First Single In 8 Years, “The Way We Do It”

Jurassic 5's new single "The Way We Do It" has brought the old school hip-hop group back into the limelight.
By Connor Whitaker
  • Jurassic 5 – The Way We Do It (Prod. by Heavy D)

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    What’s golden, folks?

    Hip-hop fans nationwide get hyped: Old school hip-hop group Jurassic 5 recently released their first single since the group split up eight years ago.

    Produced by Heavy-D, “The Way We Do It” samples The White Stripes’ hit, “My Doorbell,” creating an undeniably catchy combination of hip-hop roots and indie-pop music and is fueled by the crew’s diverse, yet unique vocal styles.

    The group initially split up due to artistic differences, but their issues have dissipated with the release of this new single. Furthermore, Jurassic 5 will be going on their first U.S. tour since 2006 this July.

    Hip-hop and keep on.