9 Completely Unnecessary Covers of “Baby Got Back”

Despite two decades of overplay and increasingly prevalent body image issues, the kitsch track continues to thrive. Here are nine covers to make you reconsider "Baby Got Back" as our favorite throwback hip-hop tune.
By Jonathan Harris
  • Twenty-two years after its initial release, the Sir Mix-a-Lot single is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Brian Williams just rapped it on The Tonight Show, and Mix-a-Lot himself even performed it with the Seattle Symphony. But, before we’re doomed to hear this song at all manner of events for another two decades, perhaps we should all take a look at these nine ill-advised covers.

  • 1. Jonathan Coulton

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    Songs from the much-beloved singer-songwriter and noted geek have been featured in the video games Left 4 Dead 2 and Portal, but even that goodwill doesn’t save this cringeworthy acoustic cover, which might work well in a Kia commercial if it wasn’t about the kind of asses that give Sir Mix-a-Lot an erection.

  • 2. Vanilla Ice

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    It was 16 years before Robert Van Winkle released his album Vanilla Ice Is Back! – Hip Hop Classics. The first track on that album? “Ice Ice Baby.” That’s right, folks. Ice included his own single on his covers album of classic hip hop tracks in 2008. You have to get all the way to track #5 for this mostly faithful rendition of BGB.

  • 3. Throwdown

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    The one good thing about the metal covers on this list is that they almost sound like they’re not ironic. The background screamer on Throwdown, for his part, is all in. Just go to 1:10 for an example.

  • 4. Richard Cheese

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    Bluurggh. Richard Cheese has done a lounge cover of pretty much every major song of the last 30 years. His entire bit is “Wouldn’t ______ be funny if performed in a hacky lounge style?” Just pick any song. Go ahead. Kelis’s “Milkshake”? Yup, Richard Cheese has a shitty cover of it.

  • 5. Uncle Leon and the Alibis

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    I’m not even going to fault Uncle Leon for this transgression. He’s doing his best, playing for 60 worn out patrons at a local honky tonk. They’ve been working all week down at the drywall factory and just want an excuse to dance. Who can blame him for giving them what they want?

  • 6. Grasshopper Takeover

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    This is another hard rock reimagining of “Baby Got Back,” except the vocals here sound like the Barenaked Ladies guys got a hold of a helium tank. These guys sound about as hard as Towelie. This shit should be called “Drake After Dentist,” nahmean?

  • 7. Michael Hightower (Gilbert and Sullivan Style)

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    Oh boy, two things I love: “Baby Got Back” and 19th century comic opera! Fortunately, they forgo the overture and 12-minute dance routine.

  • 8. PH8

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    I could write an entire post just about Tucson-based PH8’s name. First off, they’re called PH8. That means they originally had both PHATE and F8 up on a white board and decided, “Nah, we’re going with BOTH pointless name variations.” Then there’s the song which, to be fair, is actually a mashup of both “Baby Got Back” and “Gin and Juice,” which are now apparently songs of the same caliber?

  • 9. “Baby Got Back” Sung By the Movies

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    This video is last on the list since it is, actually, rather impressive. This guy used clips from 295 movies to put this together. That being said, this is a list of completely unnecessary covers of “Baby Got Back,” and this is completely unnecessary.

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