Russell Brand Leads ‘Joyful Revolution’ Protest in UK

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  • Russell Brand’s full speech at the People’s Assembly demonstration

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    Yesterday, 50,000 Brits marched on London’s Parliament Square to express disappointment with austerity measures set forth by the coalition government.

    At the helm of this protest? Comedian Russell Brand.

    You might think that Brand is misplaced as the head of a movement for the underdog, but he admits that he grew up on the other side of the tracks, using government handouts to fuel his heroin and crack addiction.

    But now, class shouldn’t matter, says Brand. “We are all part of the 100%, because none of us can be happy as long as any of us are treated with discrimination.”

    Brand puts the pressure to end discrimination on the rich and powerful saying, “It’s quite clear that the people who have wealth and power are the people that need to change, are the people that need to yield.”

    The people of the United Kingdom are sick of standing behind causes that never make it into practice. Brand denounces this pattern saying, “democracy would be nice, actually.”

    Of course, why have Brand lead a protest if he’s not going to take his clothes off? After an audience member threw a T-shirt on stage, supporting firefighters instead of banks, Brand does a quick costume change.

  • Shirt

    Brand is hoping the people will be willing to stage a non-violent, joyful revolution with him.

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