‘Rising Star’ Is About To Change The Future Of Television

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  • Rising Star Will Revolutionize The Future of Television Or Just Keep It The Way It Is?

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    Source: www.billboard.com / Via: www.billboard.com

    Last night, ABC premiered what it hopes will be the breakout social media competition of the summer.

    Rising Star is a reality singing competition where the audience votes from their couch using their smartphones, with Kesha, Ludacris and Brad Paisley as the judges.

    Unlike all of its predecessors, Rising Star brings something new to the table. Viewers at home can instantly vote as they’re watching the performances.

    In the beginning of Sunday’s premiere, host Josh Groban greeted the audience by recognizing the potential for Rising Star to be a revolutionary new way to view television.

    What do you think of Rising Star? Which contestants were your favorite? Let us know in the comments or tweet at us!

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