Anderson Cooper Helps Andy Cohen Respond to Mean Tweets

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  • Anderson Responds to Twitter Haters

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    Andy Cohen enlisted the help of Anderson Cooper to respond to haters on Twitter. In the video above, Anderson explains that he just can’t stand to have inaccurate things said about him, and the extra time he has on his hands goes mostly toward defending himself. In this video on Bravo, he helps Andy Cohen deliver his signature earth-shattering blow.

    Want to know how to take down haters like Anderson? Here are his tips:

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    Take a look at their previous tweets. When one woman tweeted that Anderson didn’t give enough coverage to her side of an argument, he took a quick gander at her profile. His response? “Maybe you should spend less time tweeting about coconut flan, and more time actually following the news.” OWNED

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    If they have a dumb twitter name, mock it. Anderson doesn’t mind taking a cheap shot or two. When @LilPoundCake1, one of Andy’s online bullies, called him a shady b****, Anderson said simply “I’m guessing from your bitterness you must eat more than just a lil pound cake.” OUCH

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    Stay away from randos. Anderson says that if a mean-tweeter doesn’t use their real name, or has no photo, then you should just ignore them. Also, give no heed to those with thousands of tweets and no followers. THEY LAME.

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    We love you Anderson, keep stompin’ those haters.

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