Iggy’s Killin’ It With Black Widow Music Video

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  • Iggy Azalea – Black Widow ft. Rita Ora

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    Iggy Azalea dropped new latest music video for Black Widow featuring Rita Ora yesterday and it already has 2.2 MILLION views! She definitely deserves it because this video is SICK.

    That’s because it’a a full-on tribute to Kill Bill, complete with badass action, skin-tight body suits, and even Michael Madsen – “Budd” from the movie. This seems to be more then a coincidence, because just three days ago Quentin Tarantino just confirmed that a third, complete version of Kill Bill would be released within the next year. The film will combine the first two as well as some extra scenes.

    So everybody wins with this video! Kill Bill fans get an awesome tribute, Iggy fans get a sexy video fro a catchy song – and maybe they’ll develop a new love for a classic film.

    Here’s some side-by-sides showing just how similar the two are:

  • Awkward silences around the dinner table

  • Michael Madsen as a cowboy

    Comp 2
  • #SwordSwag

  • Dudes Outnumbering Chicks, and Failing

  • So Much Jumpsuit


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