WATCH: Jim Carrey’s Lincoln Ads and Other Highlights From SNL

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    Jim Carrey hosted the season premiere of Saturday Night Live this weekend, his third stint as host. The most memorable moments were a series of digital shorts spoofing Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln car commercials. (above)

    Most of the cast got involved (including surprise guest Jeff Daniels) for the “Carrey Family Reunion” sketch, where Carrey is visited by “family” from around the country, all of whom resemble former Carrey characters, like Ace Ventura, The Mask, Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber, and even The Cable Guy.

    It basically serves as a platform for SNL cast members to do their Carrey impressions and repeat catchphrases we haven’t heard in a couple of decades.

  • Carrey also engaged in a brief dance-off, dressed as Maddie Ziegler from Sia’s “Chandelier” video.

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