Mariah Carey’s Isolated Vocals Are The Vocals Were Deserve

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    Mariah Carey sang “All I Want for Christmas Is You” at NBC’s heavily-obstacled Rockefeller Center tree-lighting ceremony on Wednesday night.

    It was a busy day. Daniel Pantaleo was not indicted by a grand jury who watched him choke Eric Garner to death on video. As a result, hundreds of people marched in New York City in protest, chanting “I Can’t Breathe,” Garner’s last words.

    Mariah Carey had a busy day as well. She was on the phone all day with her divorce attorney, which caused her to miss a session at NBC studios where she would have pre-taped the song, TMZ reports.

    So, she had to do it live. The result is something really sad. I almost don’t want to watch it, because it’s not her voices fault. It’s not her fault. People just get older and they lose their voices. The sad thing is that we trot these people out once a year like our Christmas decorations and expect them to nail the performance every time.

    Carey did apologize on Twitter for showing up so late and missing the pre-taped performance.

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    So, the above video is what we get instead. A woman in her mid-40s, going through a divorce, trying to sing a song she knows so well, and she just can’t hit all the notes.

    And “I Can’t Breathe,” over and over, in the background.

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