How Peeved Would You Be If Maroon 5 Crashed Your Wedding?

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    For Maroon 5’s latest music video “Sugar,” the band crashes as many weddings as they can find on December 6, 2014. (The wedding party, not the ceremony. I mean, they’re not monsters.)

    The “crashes” are ostensibly a surprise to the wedding hosts and attendees, though this seems highly unlikely due to the complex, multi-camera set-ups in the places they visit. Maroon 5 visits two White weddings, a Black wedding and an Asian wedding, and all three happy couples seem ecstatic that Levine and company show up to play their newest single. Everyone loves Maroon 5!

    In other news, Maroon 5 has given $1,000 to a homeless guy and you won’t believe how he spends it.

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