Carl’s Jr. Model Appears In Music Video For Garbage Song

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    “Charlotte McKinney” — that’s the name of the model from last Sunday’s Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl commercial, and also the Google search term typed by approximately 20 million randy dudes within minutes after it aired. Well, that, and “Carl’s Jr. Model,” “Carl’s Jr. Model pics,” etc. etc.

    Ahem. Anyway. McKinney now appears in the music video for North of Nine’s “Can It Be You?” North of Nine is pretty much Maroon 5, which makes it really funny that they have a bunch of guys who play guitar and keyboards and actual instruments.

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    I mean, look at those dudes! They studied music for years probably, formed bands in their garage, were really into The Buzzcocks and MC5 and Suicide.

    And now they’re just there to lay down the same two chords for an engineer to manipulate into a 3 Doors Down meets fun. bit of distraction. You really have to feel for those guys. Unless they are totally fine with giving up their artistic ambitions to make a ton of money and maybe be a judge one day on a singing competition show, in which case fuck them.

    ANYWAY…Charlotte McKinney is in this video as a sexy nurse who brings the North of Nine lead singer into a back room and savages him mouth-wise. Here’s an image of that:

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    She’s hungry! Someone get her an All-Natural Carl’s Jr. Burger stat!

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