Watch Sia’s “Chandelier” Grammy Performance (ft. Kristen Wiig), It Was Amazing

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  • Grammy Awards 2015: Sia ‘Chandelier’ Ft. Maddie Zeigler and Kristen Wiig


    Kristen Wiig and regular-symbolic-child-version of Sia Maddie Ziegler teamed up this weekend to bring a unique and awesome performance of Sia’s Grammy-nominated “Chandelier,” famous for the viral music video of Ziegler dancing alone in a leotard.

    We’ve seen Sia’s face before, so it’s not really like she’s Daft-Punking her career, but she is bringing a little more artistic license to her songs with this new album. If you watch the video, that’s Sia singing live while facing a wall, because you can’t lip sync at the Grammys, so it’s really not about hiding Sia’s face as much as it is focusing on the meaning of her songs.

    In case it’s bothering you, here’s what Sia looks like.

  • Sia
  • See? She’s not deformed or anything, and is actually quite pretty. This is an artistic choice.

    Drawing an emotional reaction from the audience by keeping the live performances about the music itself instead of the artist is a pretty fantastic and selfless act.

    This touching performance features Kristen Wiig ostensibly as Sia’s older self at ends with her younger, optimist self while they shape each other and learn important life lessons about identity, the older self winning in the end with the youngest blaming her artist self at the end when Ziegler shakes her finger at Sia herself. The lyrics of the song revolve around someone not being able to handle their current situation and trying to escape it by getting incredibly drunk, accentuated by the escapism in the original music video as well as the Grammy performance.

    At least that’s what I got out of it. It’s really great and you should watch it. Post what you think it means in the comments!

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