It’s Marvel Vs. DC in this Goofy, Violent Parody

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  • Comic universes collide in this fan-made video. Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk have tickets to Comic-Con. Or do they? Not if Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have anything to say about it. What starts as a playground shouting match quickly turns into a battle royal with some seriously impressive special effects.

    Still not sold? Wait until the Hulk punches Batman through a wall.

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  • This Marvel vs. DC beatdown come courtesy of RackaRacka, aka Danny Phillipou. It gets pretty violent in parts, so don’t watch if you’re super squeamish about blood. But if you’ve always wanted to see fake superheroes wearing some truly awful costumes battle to the death, now’s your chance! There’s even a real winner, which is a nice change of pace from the usual Marvel vs. DC discussion.

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