Ed Sheeran Sounds Like Ed Sheeran Even When He’s Playing Limp Bizkit

"The Tonight Show" sketch asks cherub-faced singer to play heavy metal classics
By Bailey Johnson
  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • Ed Sheeran is an adorable elfin singer-songwriter. He has millions of fans, fame and fortune, and some of the fiercest ginger hair we’ve ever seen. But, can he rock? Thanks to Jimmy Fallon and the good folks at The Tonight Show, we now know that the answer is… not really. But it’s fun to watch him try!

    As part of a skit, Fallon had Sheeran sing some heavy metal classics in the singer’s typically light and airy style. Ever wonder what Limp Bizkit’s nu-metal classic “Break Stuff” would sound like in Sheeran style? Now you have your answer. It’s hilarious.