Plane Crash Prank Made Paris Hilton Think She Was About to Die

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  • There are amusing prank videos, and then there are obnoxious prank videos, and then there horrifying prank videos like this one featuring Paris Hilton. An Egyptian TV show went way over the line when they faked a plane crash and left the pop star screaming for her life.

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  • In the video, Hilton is on board a small plane with about a dozen other people when she smells something like rotten eggs — and then alarms go off as the plane goes into a sudden nosedive.

    Hilton screams and sobs in terror as the plane continues to drop, and it gets worse from there. Two men open a hatch in the back of the plane and jump out, leaving her begging, “I don’t want to jump! I don’t want to jump!”

    She’s still shaking and crying when the plane finally lands and the host tries to laugh the whole thing off, saying “I’m so sorry, I’m a bad guy, I’m a naughty. I am an Egyptian actor, this is a prank show!”

    We were a bit annoyed when FouseyTube frightened women in elevators by pretending to assault them, so you can imagine how we feel about literally convincing someone they’re about to die. However you feel about Paris Hilton, she didn’t deserve this and neither does anyone else.

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