Dear European Teens, Please Stop Doing This!

The whole "climb a tower without safety equipment to take a selfie" epidemic has to stop
By Bailey Johnson
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  • Teens of Europe, please stop climbing towers and taking selfies. It’s not safe! For your or for our hearts. We know you want to show the world how fearless you are. (And take dope selfies.) We know you’re an “amateur parkour artist” or whatever. But you’re going to get yourself hurt. And it’s really hard for us to blog when our heart is racing from watching you free climb tall towers. Check out this teen who climbed a 600-foot television tower in Estonia. This is an example of what not to do.

    Caters TV offers this description of the insanity: “Daredevil Ervin Punkar, 17, risked life and limb to scale the Tartu TV mast, built in 1857, with his two best friends, Keivo Pint, 19 and Jüri Uluots, 17. It took the intrepid trio an hour to reach the summit, where they performed death-defying stunts above the sprawling landscape of Tartu – the second largest city of Estonia.”

    Dudes, please stop doing this! It’s an epidemic! Remember the German teen who climbed one of the tallest buildings in Hong Kong without safety equipment?

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  • Or the Russian teens who did the same thing in Shanghai?

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  • Eventually one of you are going to fall off a tower and get yourself killed. And “death by falling off of a tower you chose to climb without safety equipment” is not a fun way to go.