Incredible Rescue After Giant Wave Sweeps Dog Away

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  • This puppy got a taste of paradise, and then almost had it all taken away. Last weekend in Hawaii, a family took a trip to Maunalua Bay. A drone was on hand, filming the stunning natural beauty of the China Walls. Until suddenly the video changed from “natural beauty” to “life-or-death rescue.” A huge wave barrels over the walls, sweeping up the dog and taking it out to sea.

    “The dog was on the ledge because he followed the owner down. The owner jumped off the ledge at China Walls. The dog went down one level and was just you know looking for his owner so then the wave came the owner didn’t even see the dog getting washed off,” Donnie Klotz told Hawaii News Now. Klotz was operating the drone that captured this rescue on tape.

    The massive wave sweeps the dog into the ocean. Incredibly, the animal emerges from the whitewater apparently unharmed, though unable to make it back up the wall. A concerted effort among the swimmers are able to grab the dog and get it back to land. After a few minutes, the soggy pet apparently gets over the scare and everything goes back to normal. But it is scary just how quickly the dog disappeared. Those waves are no joke.

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