Captain Sparklez – What’s Trending Podcast Ep 5

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  • Captain Sparklez (a.k.a. Jordan Maron) (a.k.a. a guy who knows Minecraft a lot better than you) was our guest for Episode 5 of the What’s Trending podcast.

    In addition to discussing his mobile game Fortress Fury, Maron and hosts Shira Lazar, Lon Harris and Hayley Hoover discussed some of the week’s most talked-about trends, including the Ashley Madison hack and Election 2016.

    “I feel like it does get progressively more ridiculous with every election [in the U.S.],” Maron said, referring to the surge in the polls of unofficial teenage candidate Deez Nuts.

    And if you’re mainly interested in what Maron smells like (as many viewers on Firetalk were), well, they talked about that too. You just have to keep listening.

    You can listen to the whole podcast on Soundcloud, or download it on iTunes here. You can also watch all of our live broadcasts streaming on Firetalk right now.

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