Joey Graceffa Devours the Dead in Creepy Sci-Fi Series “The Fourth Door”

Check out the trailer for the New Form Digital web series by Tony Valenzuela and Jarrett Sleeper.
By Christine Linnell
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    It’s a busy week for online creators. Among the web series and short films premiering in the next few days, we have the trailer for “The Fourth Door,” a New Form Digital sci-fi series where YouTube star Joey Graceffa plays a terrifying death king. Color me intrigued.

    “If death is a place where anything can happen,” the trailer asks, “how far would you go to save the one you left behind?” Created by our friends Jarrett Sleeper and Tony Valenzuela, “The Fourth Door” stars High School Musical’s Monique Coleman as a woman named Lain who must journey through the mystical world of Limbo to rescue the man she loves from the King of Limbo before he devours them all.

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  • The first two episodes will debut tomorrow on Verizon’s go90 app, and there will be a new 10-minute episode every Tuesday and Thursday for the next six weeks.