Love Wins in All 50 States, from Field Day

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  • If you haven’t had your fill of weeping with joy over marriage equality passing nationwide back in June, check out this super-sweet video from the Field Day channel, which tells the love stories of LGBT couples from around the country.

    Filmmaker Yulin Kuang, well-known for her ‘shippy short films and spinning kiss shots, overlaid footage of happy gay couples of all ages and backgrounds with readings of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116, which begins with the significant line:

    Let me not to the marriage of true minds

    Admit impediments. Love is not love

    Which alters when it alteration finds,

    Or bends with the remover to remove

    “It was basically a gay marriage tour of America, where I went to seven different states and filmed seven different couples,” Kuang explains in the behind-the-scenes video. “I really like documenting couples and finding the love stories that are around us on a daily basis.”

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  • Field Day, a co-production between YouTube Spaces and 1stAveMachine, posts videos from some of the most talented content creators on YouTube using innovative storytelling and unique locations.

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