Limited Edition Moschino Barbie Sells Out in One Hour

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  • It’s probably been awhile since a Barbie doll has on your Christmas list. Hopeful you weren’t hoping to find this limited edition Moschino Barbie under the tree this year, unless you were one of the 700 individuals who purchased the $150 doll within the hour it was released. No worries though, you can still find her on eBay…if you have $800 to spare.

    The coveted dolls are decked out from head to disproportionately-sized toe in Moschino clothing and accessories. This isn’t the first Barbie-Moschino mashup; the Moschino Spring 2015 runway paid tribute to the iconic doll and released a pink patent leather.

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  • To be fair, the dolls could actually be a worthwhile investment. Vogue pointed out that designer-Barbie collaborations are some of the highest value collectible Toys out there. Karl Lagerfeld Barbies are averaging $4,000 online.

    That sounds like a lot of money to have your little brother cut off all of your dolls hair when you’re not looking – unless, of course, your little brother wants to play with the doll himself. For the first time ever, the commercial for the new Barbie features a fabulous little boy. “Moschino Barbie is so fierce!” he says, hanging a designer handbag on her arm.

    Let’s spend a while enjoying this awesome kid, and stay far, far away from the comments section!

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