Prank It FWD Surprises Dog Rescue Company In the Best Way

An animal control officer threatened to take all her dogs away - and then something amazing happened.
By Christine Linnell
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    Don’t watch this video at work unless you’re comfortable with weeping in front of your co-workers.

    Millions of abandoned dogs in America are euthanized each year, but Sherri Stankewitz, founder of West Coast Animal Rescue (WeCARE), has devoted her life to finding forever homes for them, to the point that she lives in a furnished garage area at the kennel so she can provide more space for the dogs. It’s been both a dream come true for her, and a really stressful career.

    “There’s tons and tons of highly adoptable, cute dogs that do get put to sleep,” she said. “We can’t handle the overflow, because we’re not euthanizing any dogs here.”

    In the premiere video from Season 4 of Prank It FWD, the team set out to play a prank-for-good on Sherri and WeCARE during an adoption event. As she was filming what she thought was a normal fundraising video, someone pretending to be an animal control officer showed up and said all 30 dogs had to be gone in an hour or he would take them away. To make things worse, nobody was showing up to adopt the dogs.

    Sherri was obviously freaking out – until the Prank It FWD team returned with a brand new trailer for her business and a crowd of people ready to adopt all the dogs at the event. They also donated money to pay all her operating expenses for a year and sent her on a much-needed vacation to Aruba.

    If this doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies for the rest of the day, I don’t know what will.