Ariana Grande Covers “Zero to Hero” at Disney Parade

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  • Christmas may be over, but we’re still digging up videos that happened as a result of it. This one came out a few days ago, but it’s still worth your while if you haven’t seen it yet, especially if you’re a fan of Disney’s Hercules, Nickelodeon’s Ariana Grande, or both. The pop singer tackled the Hercules hit “Zero to Hero” for the Disney Christmas parade this year, and by all accounts, totally nailed it. Though we’re not surprised, as it’s pretty clear by now that Grande’s signature ponytail must in some way give her magical singing powers.

    Admittedly, the Disney Parade is no Scream Queens, and “Zero to Hero” is no (spoiler alert) epic death scene for the millennial generation, but it’s not a bad way to spent two minutes and fifty seconds of your life.

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