“Dirty 30” Trailer Has YouTube’s Holy Trinity Back and Partying It Up

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  • What do you get when three of YouTube’s top creators make a movie together? Well, Camp Takota, initially. But now, it’s Dirty 30 time.

    Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig, and Hannah Hart are back at it with a film about three friends throwing a huge blowout bash to celebrate Mamrie’s character’s 30th birthday. There are cameos from a bunch of recognizable YouTubers in the trailer alone, including everyone’s favorite German DJ, Flula, and vlogger Anna Akana. Like Camp Takota, the film seems to focus on the friendship between the fictional alter egos of the three girls, who appear to again be playing characters similar to their real life selves. But it worked pretty well for them in Takota, so hopefully this more outrageous follow up will be even better.

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