Support LGBT Student Filmmakers with the Emerging Voices Campaign

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  • Diversity in Hollywood has become a major talking point in the last few years. Now that the conversation has started, the next step is to pave the way for up-and-coming filmmakers and help them tell their stories.

    And if you’re an LGBT filmmaker in high school or college, this means you.

    Non-profit group The New Hollywood LGBT (of which I’m a member, full disclosure) is doing their part with the Emerging Voices Student Filmmaker Program, which will provide small grants of $250-$1,000 to LGBT student filmmakers working on short films with social justice themes.

    The campaign is being led by actor and producer Kit Williamson, who created the Emmy-nominated LGBT web series “EastSiders” now streaming on Netflix.

    “With your help, we know we can make an impact in LGBT student filmmakers’ lives and help them create some amazing work. The value of mentorship cannot be understated, and by supporting and encouraging a handful of students we hope to create leaders and mentors that will in turn support and encourage their peers.”

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  • Selected students will be paired with mentors from TNH LGBT to help them complete their projects, and the films will be showcased at the Brooklyn Web Fest this October.

    TNH LGBT is hoping to give out at least three grants this year. So far they’ve already raised more than $2,500 on their GoFundMe page, so any further donations will lead to even more new ideas and diversity for the next generation of filmmakers.

    If you’re an LGBT student filmmaker, you can submit your project here; applications close on September 1. In the meantime, consider donating to the Emerging Voices program and share their GoFundMe campaign to spread the word.

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