Six years later, their voices are deeper, they are taller & we feel old.
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  • It happened. A grand reunion celebration for the Biebs and his long-time pal, Jaden Smith, took place in Madison Square Garden on July 19th during a Purpose Tour show. You guessed it, they brought back one of my favorite high school jams, “Never Say Never”.

    Believe it or not, their hit single together was released back in 2010. Time sure does fly… The now 18 and 22-year-old friends definitely enjoyed singing this classic song for the audience. Perhaps the most noticeable difference of this performance compared to their original recording is how much deeper both of their voices have become.

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  • Although we were pretty stoked to see Jaden make a surprise entrance on the stage, we were also secretly crossing our fingers that it might be Morgan Freeman performing “Love Yourself”. But who knows – maybe Justin is keeping that one on the down low for a future show.

    Keep doing you, Justin and Jaden. Maybe you two could grace us with another song collaboration soon? Just make sure not to hurt yourselves falling while doing so.

    Did you enjoy this throwback performance? Which old Bieber song would you like to see him bring back the most? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!