100 Days in Jakarta: Kina Grannis’ Emotional Performance on What’s Trending Live.ly

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  • A painful ordeal overseas has turned into a life lesson and a moving new song for Kina Grannis, star of “Single by 30” on YouTube Red.

    Last week Kina appeared on What’s Trending’s daily Live.ly sessions with Shira Lazar to share her story about being detained in Jakarta, Indonesia for more than three months over immigration offenses while she was on tour. She gave a beautiful performance of “For Now,” one of the songs she wrote from her hotel room to cope with the strain of being kept away from her family and friends for so long.

    “It is a song that I wrote this past fall, while I was very far away from home for a hundred days, and it was kind of a scary time in life,” she said. “But I realized that as long as I had my health and my family that there was a lot to be grateful for, and this song is kind of about that.”

    Kina wrote at length on her website about arriving in Jakarta with her bandmates in September 2015 for a six-city tour of Southeast Asia, the last leg of her Elements World Tour — only to have immigration officials walk onto the stage after a concert and confiscate their passports, followed by months of grief and confusion as they waited to be released.

    “I’ve debated quietly moving on and putting it behind me, but as much as part of me has felt compelled to do just that, there is another, bigger part of me that feels like in order to really move past it, I need to share it first. Maybe because I feel like there is something to be learned here. Or maybe because I hope that with sharing it will come some healing, too. Maybe I’m afraid that if I just let it fade away as if it never happened, it will all have been for nothing — as if I’d simply been robbed of those months of my life. In any case, I’m ready to share my story now, or at least the parts of it I’m comfortable disclosing at this time.”

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