PewDiePie’s New Video Game Is So Popular That It Crashed Servers

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  • Pewdiepie tuber simulator


  • PewDiePie, still YouTube’s most popular star, has released his own video game, a follow up to Legend of the Bro Fist. Story comes courtesy of Tubefilter. Called PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator, the game is like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, in that you start as a rock bottom creator and have to work your way up to millions of subscribers.

    The game, released earlier this week, topped 1 million downloads, topping Apple’s App Store. The traffic of users all signing on at once crashed its servers. Outerminds, a 90s-nostalgic Montreal-based indie game developer, which helped PewDiePie create the game, got to work on fixing it after a stream of tweets came in complaining about server issues.

    The game is freemium, like most on the App Store. That means the game is free to download and can be won for free, but also contains in-app purchases. The day the game was launched, PewDiePie also revealed his gaming company Revelmode had a deal with DoubleMoose – the studio behind Goat Simulator. And if you are looking for the best game server hosting experience you need to check this out.

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