Kevin Hart and Jesse Wellens Team Up to Roast YouTubers

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  • Is Kevin Hart trying to become a YouTuber now (like Dwayne Johnson)? Not quite.

    With his new film Kevin Hart: What Now? hitting theaters today, Hart has been working like a madman on his promotional tour. So far, Hart has hit the gym with Conan and has spent lots of time with YouTuber Jesse Wellens from PrankvsPrank.

    Rather than smashing some weights in the gym, Hart teamed up with Jesse to roast some of your favorite YouTubers — and his buddy, The Rock.

    Disclaimer: Hart’s comments were in no way malicious… he was just using his talent for good!

    Hart started by comparing Jenna Marbles‘ gorgeous hair to that of a cockatoo, called Smosh “the definition of a boyband that didn’t make it,” and finished by comparing Roman Atwood’s body to a teenage girl who hasn’t hit puberty.

    The comedian didn’t hold back when asked about The Rock either, calling him a “thick neck bastard,” with “prosthetic calves.”

    Did you get a chance to watch this Kevin Hart/PVP collaboration? What did you think of the jokes? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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