Could A Five Year Old Kid Outpace PewDiePie?

An article in USA Today predicts that PewDiePie is going to be overtaken by Ryan's Toy Reviews -- a channel starring a five year old!
By Alex Firer

  • Empires die. We know this to be true. No entity lasts forever and Rome rises and falls. We know PewDiePie recently hit fifty million subscribers, but damn— could PewDiePie actually be dethroned by a five year old kid who reviews toys?

    That’s the theory behind this article from USA Today which posits that the kid — known only as Ryan — is soon to become the most popular channel on YouTube due to its quick growth and its popularity with the pre-k set, a group not marketed to very heavily amongst existing YouTube channels.

    Ryan is a five year old kid whose mom, an ex chemistry teacher, records him reviewing toys and goofing around with them. Heck, TubeFilter attributes the success of the Hatchimals to his videos! Hatchimals are stuffed animals that hatch from eggs and are reportedly the most popular toy of the Christmas season. Here is legendary rapper Biz Markie hugging a bunch of Hatchimals.

  • Fantastic.

    Ryan’s excitement at the toys and his energy is infectious, and the appeal to the very young set is clear.

    Right now Ryan is at five million subscribers — a tenth of PewDiePie’s fifty million — but the pace is there, and now that USA Today declared a competition so clearly, I hope the race is on. Do I want to see YouTube war horse PewDiePie fight against a child? Are you kidding, of course I do. That has such a ‘haunted vaudeville Todd Browning’s Freaks’ vibe.

    Meanwhile you can enjoy Ryan’s channel here, and just for good measure, here’s PewDiePie’s. Alright, let the rivalry between a man and a child begin!!

    What do you think? Could PewDiePie actually be dethroned by Ryan? Are you going to buy a Hatchimal after seeing how much fun Biz Markie had with his? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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