Watch Ed Sheeran Transform into a Boxer in His New Music Video

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  • What happens when you mix your passion and new love?

    Well, that’s what Ed Sheeran did in the new music video for his single, Shape of You.

    In the music video, The A-Team star plays a boxer. During one of his training sessions, he runs into a woman who also boxes, and it looks like they’re hitting it off well! Not only do they train together, but they also go to lunch together, hold hands in a cab, and do all things a lovey-dovey new couple would. For the climax, we see Ed go up against an intimidating sumo wrestler, only to get defeated pretty fast. Aw, shucks. But, all hope is not lost, because look who comes to his aid! The video ends with a shot of his new girlfriend stepping in for him, ready to kick some butt for her boo.

    The music video promotes his hit single Shape of You, which has peaked at the coveted #1 spot in Billboard Hot 100. Currently it is #2, behind Bad and Boujee by Migos. Sheeran’s album ‘÷’ will be out March 3rd.

    What did you think of the music video? Does it go well with the single? Let us know @WhatsTrending!

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