Honest Trailers Gives Shrek “The Business”

Honest Trailers gives Shrek their classic treatment as they round out their Fan Appreciation month.
By Alex Firer
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Honest Trailers rounds out its Fan Appreciation Month with the #1 film fans have— for some reason — chosen. It’s only Mike Meyers’ fourth greatest character and Dreamworks’ Mickey Mouse of farts— we’re talking of course, Shrek.

    Honest Trailers takes a hard look at Shrek and doesn’t let up— how the film is a bizarre collection of ten thousand references and how its mockery of Disney franchises sort of falls apart a little bit when the film itself has become a collection of references.

    The Honest Trailer ends with a parody of Shrek’s most controversial addition to popular culture, that insane Smash Mouth song– wondering outloud about it’s weird and unlikely popularity. Hey now, you know what Honest Trailers? We think you’re an All Star too! Oh you guys…

    Also, maybe one of the best digs at Eddie Murphy we’ve heard in a while. Although we wouldn’t mind a franchise just about the Donkey ourselves…

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