Casey Neistat Unboxes Nintendo Switch On Plane

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  • Casey Neistat, beloved prankster and guy who flies on the back of stuff, unboxes a Nintendo Switch on a plane to SXSW in his latest video. This is a wonderful braggy way to show off a new Switch I think, and it’s pretty satisfying. You can get through a dull flight so quickly if you have a new Legend of Zelda game to play. No Wi-Fi to view all the now popular Zelda porn, but we’re sacrificing a lot, you know?

    Casey also show off his love of swish pans— when the camera moves so quickly from subject to subject there’s a blur in between. He loves those swish pans! He swish pans here, he swish pans there. He apologizes if it made you dizzy— but does he mean it? Has his love of swish pans drove him swish pan crazy!? Can you even truly get swish pan crazy!? Look, we’ve seen a lot of swish pans. And we’ve seen Casey Neistat eating a lot of nice food. So all in all, a winning video.

    So Swish Pans, Good Food, and Nintendo Switch. Not bad! What do you think of Casey Neistat’s first day at SXSW? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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