Bryan Cranston is the Red Ranger Now

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  • As it must be.

    Walter White. Hal from Malcolm in the Middle. Kung Fu Panda’s Dad. And now. The Red Ranger in order to promote playing Zordon in the live action Power Rangers movie. Bryan Cranston approaches Stephen Colbert’s desk, draped in the clothing of the mighty Red Ranger, and takes off his helmet to show his unbelievable method acting face in the context of the red ranger suit.

    Colbert plays a clip from the Power Rangers movie, but more importantly— this isn’t the first time Bryan Cranston has appeared in Power Rangers however! He plays so many creatures in the American version of the show from the 90’s, and that’s not all! Colbert plays a series of humiliating Cranston roles — from playing a skunk on a bus to having a big old boner around Kevin Hart. It’s fantastic, these super resumes that go deep and back.

    Later Bryan Cranston held some dogs in a sketch, and it was lovely. What do you think though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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