Trevor Noah Don’t Got Time For That In New Segment

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  • There’s a lot in the news that on any other day would be the defining story of the decade that is now just another detail in the flaming orange mess that is Mr. The Trump barreling towards us with screaming chaos in his veins. Screaming chaos can become a noisy thing, and its hard to parse just what to focus on, and that’s the problem The Daily Show is trying to solve in its new segment “Ain’t No One Got Time For That”.

    Do we focus on countries which Trump (thankfully, unsuccessfully) tried to ban from emigrating to the United States not being allowed to bring laptops to flights? Do we focus on the ridiculous hearing of Neil Grousch, whitest man on the planet? Or do we focus on Tomi Lahren getting fired from The Blaze from making pro abortion comments? Or do we focus on Ivanka Trump getting top security clearance!? The Daily Show is only a twenty minute show! Trevor Noah. I am sad to say. Don’t have time for that.

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