Vox Explains The Bad Typography of Envelopegate

How's the design of this little write up though? Perfect, right?
By Alex Firer
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Following Envelopegate, the greatest scandal of 2017 that doesn’t involve the word pee written in Russian, people are wondering, what could we have done to avoid this?? Well, in a very informative video, Vox expounds on problematic typography. They wonder about wether better typography could have avoided this whole thing.

    And the popular opinion in the video seems to be “oh! Absolutely!”. For example on the announcement card — why is the actress’ name the same size as the movie!? This could be what led to poor Faye Dunaway’s confusion! And what about the butterfly ballot? The infamous confusingly spaced ballot that may have handed George W. Bush the presidency in a year that it should have potentially went to Al Gore. There are more examples in the video and it is fascinating— for example, once you look at the card Steve Harvey had to read for the pageant, you can hardly blame him. And prescription pill bottles is its own kettle of fish!

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