Will The Bart Simpson Challenge Work?

The YouTube creator won't get sent to military school with Lisa will they?
By Alex Firer
  • If you are a millennial of a certain age, there are very few influences as strong as The Simpsons — and now that all us Simpsons babies are grown up we can finally do what our parents warned us against doing — recreate Simpsons stunts! Mythbusters did this quite some time ago, but this is a thirty year old show! We can’t stop now! We must do more, more more! Thus, we had a lot of joy when YouTuber TheBackYardScientist explained his plan to put a bunch of megaphones against each other and see if he can blow out on the windows just as part did on The Simpsons.

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Now to push my nerd glasses up. Specifically it’s from Season 8, Episode 25, titles “The Secret War of Lisa Simpson” where Bart is sent to Military School specifically for such an infraction? So does TheBackYardScientist blow up Homer’s fridge and get sent to military school? Well, not really. The challenge is honestly kind of a non starter — although the host claims he got tinnitus from the thing — but what’s more important is someone imitated The Simpsons. And that’s all I care about.

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