Universal Releases Trailers For Super Nintendo World Theme Parks

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  • While Disneyland is no doubt the king of amusement parks starring your favorite fictional characters, Universal is no slouch. It’s brought us theme parks around our favorite boy wizards (your “Harry Potter Land” or “Hogwarts”), and now it’s bringing us a theme park based around a character possibly even more popular than Mickey Mouse — Super Mario — and the rest of his Nintendo friends!

    Universal released two trailers for the upcoming Nintendo Theme Park —one, a whimsical CGI extravaganza of famed celebrity Super Mario running around the theme park, greeting his beloved fans, which you can check out below—

  • Then, Universal released a separate video showing a giant costumed Mario running around a realized Mushroom Kingdom and meeting with investors and executives, each wearing their own Mario hats to suck up to their new executive overlord, Mario (or “Super” Mario, as they have to humiliatingly call him).

  • The theme park is set to be opened in Tokyo, Japan and I can’t wait. Nintendo’s had a hell of a year with the successful launch of the Nintendo Switch and a new franchise on its hand (the brilliant looking “Arms”). But what’s going on — Mario is heading into the real world with his games, and making our world into his world? Mario! Some reality shifting boundaries — PLEASE.

    What do you think could be included in it? Will I get to play some Splatoon themed laser tag? Maybe some Zelda themed laser tag? How about some Donkey Kong themed laser tag? Boy oh boy. We can only hope.

    Are you excited for Nintendo’s upcoming theme park? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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