SNAPCHAT MISHAP: Girls Find They’re Dating Same Guy, Handle It PERFECTLY

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  • A modern day Romeo and Juliet story plays out IRL every other week, but a modern day rendition of John Tucker Must Die is almost unheard of. That was until a group of women all received the same Snapchat text that said “hey beautiful :)” from a boy they all thought they were exclusively “talking” to. How did they find out they all received it, you ask? The boy is incompetent when it comes to Snapchat and accidentally sent it in a group chat to all seven girls he’s talking to.

    Seriously. Look at this:

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  • Nathan, the “player” who the girls were all talking to, quickly blocked them all from contacting him via social media and text when he realized what he did. While he burned all of his bridges with these ladies, they all now have a new group of girlfriends they can laugh about this with.

    Props to you “Nathan’s beautiful girls,” for not letting this boy make you petty! Have you guys ever experienced something like this? Let us know in the comments or at @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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