Trump Has FAKE Time Magazine with Him on Cover in Mar-A-Lago

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  • “Fake News!” has been a cry from the Trump campaign for a while, but boy oh boy, maybe the guy is projecting, since David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post noticed that a fake Donald Trump cover was hanging in a few Donald Trump clubs. It’s the strangest thing.

    The cover supposes its from March 1st, 2009, but according to the Post there wasn’t even a cover with Trump on it in 2009! What’s more, there are so many inaccuracies to even how Time Magazine designs its covers — from the thinness to the logo — to the question of like — Trump’s been on a ton of covers! Why doesn’t he frame those! What a strange situation! The guy who likes to lie decided to lie even when saying the truth would be completely fine!

    “TRUMP IS HITTING ON ALL FRONTS… EVEN TV!” shouts the cover that is completely fake, with an article that was never written, by an insane person who made a fake cover.

    Well, of course Twitter had a great time with this.

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