Jake Paul May Get Sued By West Hollywood Neighbors

By Alex Firer
"It's every day, bro", complain Jake Paul's neighbors.
  • Jake Paul may be trying to party everyday, bro — but his neighbors are just not having it and are preparing for a class action lawsuit against him (bro). KTLA5 — the local LA station — did a report about how his neighbors were sick of the constant noise, the constant partying, and worst of all — the constant YouTube stunts they must bear witness to— including pouring gasoline on a bunch of furniture and setting it on fire.

    Additionally, the popular YouTuber advertises his address openly, which attracts Jake Paul’s teenage fans to the residence, further agitating the neighborhood. “As neighbors living here every day, we’re fed up”, one neighbor was quoted as saying to KTLA5.

    It’s every day bro!!!!!

    When KTLA asked Jake Paul for a quote, he said “It’s a bad situation…There’s nothing we can do! The Jake Paulers are the strongest army out there — dab!”, after which Jake Paul dabbed.

    So good luck Jake Paul!

    What do you think of this situation? Can the army of Jake Paulers (strongest army out there) defeat the law? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.