Roman and Brittney Atwood Take Break From Vlogging

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  • It’s an understandable move that is still sure to send shockwaves through the vlogging world — as Brittney and Roman Atwood are taking a break from their popular vlog following the birth of their daughter Cora.

    In a note to his fans attached to his Twitter feed, Ronan Atwood cited his new responsibilities to his family, and how when he returns to posting videos, he wants to make sure the work is wholly satisfying and that the Atwoods WILL return to YouTube stronger and greater than ever.

  • Roman Atwood’s last addition was yesterday when they uploaded a video of them sticking a trampoline in an inflatable floatie and going out to sea — which is very exciting, and a fitting place to pause. The video ends with him giving an update on his newborn daughter, saying she’s two weeks old and we’re like — yeah man, take a break. Go take care of your kid. We’ll all be here to laugh at stunts and pranks when you come back.

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