Marijuana Bar!? Internet Sex!? CHOOSE YOUR VICE!

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  • Vices! They could be for exploring! They could be for reading on the bus (or watching on TV, haha, a Vice Magazine joke), and of course the best thing you can do with a Vice is just enjoy it. So hold on to your big stinky weed bong, put down your pornographic gambling machine and strap on your sex goggles, because we’re going to be exploring some of the most exciting and click friendly vices on the internet.

    First up an in depth discussion of the future of sex vis a vis video technology — it’s exciting and you should check it out, show it to a lover. Snuggle up in front of the video about sex technology. Then, we explore the use of Instagram to express that hyper horny desire known but to the English speaking world as “thirst”. Ah, thirst. Yes, yes, quite, yes. Then! Marijuana bars at wedding? If you’re super progressive, sure! And the segment ends with a cigar shop in England where Winston Churchill liked to smoke. Is it really a vice if it helps you win World War 2? I dunno! But I do know one thing! This Watchable playlist is great!

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