Amber Tamblyn Tells Story of James Woods Hitting on Her When She Was 16

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  • James Woods has quietly went from being the star of Videodrome and Hercules (which was cool back then) to super racist and homophobic neocon crank (which is absolutely not cool at all), and has become an insufferable creep. This comes into play like the time James Woods sued someone on Twitter for implying he used cocaine, calling it libel, or, say, in this latest Tweet where he called the gay relationship in the upcoming movie “Call Me By Your Name”, a fictional story starring Armie Hammer — like pedophilia which he implied with the hashtag #nambla.

  • Star Armie Hammer was quick to respond to James Woods’ hypocrisy, asking about the time he dated a 20 year old when he was 60 and MR. HAMMER. PLEASE. SOME DECENCY. James Woods was 66 when he started dating his 46 year old junior Kristen Baugess. Although, if James Woods wants to discuss creepy completely inappropriate attempts at sex, Amber Tamblyn has one she’d like to bring up with him…

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  • And in case you feel like not believing her, here’s someone corroborating Amber Tamblyn’s story.

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  • James Woods is denying the story, but— boy oh boy. Gross, Mr. Woods. Either this story or the initial Tweet which reeks of homophobia. What do you think of this insane story? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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