Seth Rogen FREAKS OUT Over Nicki Minaj Mentioning Him in Verse

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  • Rappers have mentioned comedians in their songs for a while — Kanye famously sampled Will Ferrell and Jon Heder’s “Blades of Fury” on “Watch the Throne”, and now Nicki Minaj has mentioned Seth Rogen in a verse on Fergie’s new song “You Already Know” and Seth Rogen lost his MIND. The lyric, in case you haven’t heard it yet, goes like so— (ahem ahem)—

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  • Yo, ayo, let it go, let’s go// I keep a bar like Esco// I wanna ball, where the nets go//I’m on stage, you can stand where the guests go// Bitches is my sons, they don’t wanna leave the nest though//They like, aw, where the ref go?// I got these hoes scared to pass, I got that intercept flow// I made a movie like Seth Rog’// And since I came in the game, they careers on death row//

    There it is! There’s Seth Rogen’s name, folks! And guys, Seth Rogen reacted as if he was a normal! As if one of us dummies was mentioned in a Nicki Minaj song! My goodness! Check it out!

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