Jenna Marbles Dresses Her Dogs Up For Halloween

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  • Folks, it is all hallows eve, and you know what that means — it’s time to dress up our dogs and babies in uncomfortable costumes that they sometimes hate! Aw, heck yeah! If you love seeing cute little dogs get annoyed as they get dressed up as Teddy Bears, Spock and Football players, then click the video above and watch Jenna Marbles give you good people exactly what they want! You’ll get eyefuls of cute little pups in a variety of outfits that they may or may not like but Jenna Marbles and you viewers are delighted by their cuteness.

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  • We got Mr. Marbles loathing every single costume he gets put in as he slowly falls asleep under the weight of a heavy, heavy t-rex costume. We got Kermit who seems to love his cute little Star Wars costume with little guy riding on the back but seems to hate the Waldo costume that she gives the little guy. Then there’s Peach. Peach dresses up as a beautiful bride and takes a nap. It’s very cute.

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