Eight Dead and Fifteen Injured in Vehicular Attack in NYC

The attacker is now in the custody of the police.
By Alex Firer

  • New York is reeling after a tragic attack left eight dead and others injured. A man drove a rented truck down a bike path near the World Trade Center Memorial in New York City and crashed into a series of pedestrians and bike riders. The man then jumped out with two fake guns and was immediately shot by police. The attacker is alive and has been taken into custody.

    A police official speaking to AP on the condition of anonymity said the attack is being investigated as a terrorist attack. The truck — a rented Home Depot truck — struck twenty three people — leaving fifteen injured and eight dead.

    Many living in New York are currently marking themselves safe on Facebook, and if you live there we urge you to do the same. Our thoughts are with the people of New York City. This story is ongoing and will be updated.

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