ScreenJunkies Gives Stranger Things the Honest Trailers Treatment

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  • I love when ScreenJunkies can be positive about something — for a video series that’s predicated on “honesty,” it’s such a nice thing when the honesty is, “oh, I really liked this movie. It was really nice! Just great, just fantastic!” They did that recently with an honest trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, and they do so here with Stranger Things, Season 1! They point out a few odd things — such as Stranger Things’ unlikely parallels with The Hangover — Oh, what? Every movie with four people looking for their lost friend is The Hangover all of a sudden? Is The Three Musketeers like The Hangover? Well, yeah. I guess it is, but still.

    The video discusses Winona Ryder’s weird expressions, the disparities in the strength abilities of the Demogorgon, and some sharp, low-key burns for the upcoming season of Stranger Things — whose Honest Trailer is sure to be a little bit more brutal. But still, watching these good natured jokes about this fantastic show is great fun.

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