Martinez Brothers Quit Team 10, Accuse Jake Paul of Bullying

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  • Jake Paul’s regularly outrageous personality tends to garner controversy wherever he goes. Some of it can be positive — such as when his drama is so popular it makes even other YouTubers a fortune. But sometimes it can be controversial for the young star. One of the biggest social media stories from this past year, one with a surprising crossover appeal — has been Jake Paul’s feud with his West Hollywood neighbors. Another one is the story breaking today — of the Martinez Brother leaving Team 10 and accusing Jake Paul of bullying them in a YouTube video.

    The Martinez Brothers released an emotional video that began with them say “f*** you Jake Paul”, and then continued onwards, telling viewers about how they came into the building not knowing English, and soon realized that the members of the house were mocking them for it in front of their faces. They also discussed how scary it was being woken up in the middle of the night for pranks and videos and such. Team 10 released a statement of its own, asking for understanding due to the opportunities they have given the twins over the years, saying they felt blindsided by the accusations and wishing the twins came to them personally.

    You can watch the video and read the statement below.

  • Jake Paul hasn’t directly responded but he did post this:

  • We here at What’s Trending have worked with Jake Paul and have found him to be a supportive person to work with. Specifically, we recently partnered with him and Team 10 to support Operation Wetspot and raised both funds and awareness for Hurricane Harvey relief in Texas.

    It is also important to recognize that the divisive energy from Jake Paul is the same one that also has won him so many fans in the first place. We wish the best for both parties in this feud and hope that each side cane come out with what they are looking for.

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