Big Trash Eating Pig Here to Help You Get to the Weekend

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  • Folks, sometimes words simply fail me as I gaze upon the absolute glory of a vision sent to me from the Heavens Above to try to make a difference from the world. And sometimes, readers, sometimes I find a video of a really huge pig eating from the garbage and I say to myself, “I think everyone should take a moment and look at this extremely great and very big pig!”

    Imagine you’re sitting there at your work computer — why another Friday is just slogging on as the weekend is deliciously in reach! What on Earth will you do? What can you do? How will you spend the time, wiling away the hours between morning and night? Well, my friend. Why not watch the video of this huge pig and its little piglets squealing the heck away out of a fine afternoon.

    Ah, another fine afternoon almost over and gone, another day slipping through your fingers as the fine weekend slips forth. Sure, your week may have been trash — trash like the very trash this fine pig is chowing down on in the video above, but my friend — just like a pig eating trash — you’ve made it to your destination.

    Makes you think, man. Makes you think.

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